The Truth About Free Business Opportunities

free-business-cardsEveryone likes FREE stuff. Free money, free food, free time and on the internet FREE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ads abound but have you ever asked yourself why is it FREE? Have any of the world’s richest entrepreneur’s ever gotten started with a free business opportunity or did they RISK something to make their dreams come true?

Rich people don’t GIVEAWAY anything. You already know this. If they are giving it to you there is something in it for them and it is usually more in it for them than you (that’s why their rich).

Many of you have spent years buying penny stocks that never appreciate but you got it cheap, and it’s still cheap, but we will save buying stocks for another day. You’ve also spent years jumping from free business opportunity to free business opportunity and pre-launch of this or prelaunch of that because you were getting in early only to find that the 300 people that you recruited didn’t opt in to the program once the fee’s became due to actually join.

Now if you look back on your life and count all the time you lost on FREE Stuff and then look where the people who invested in themselves at the same time you started chasing free stuff are at you might realize that you would be a lot further ahead in your pursuit of finances and freedom.

The truth of the matter is there is no such thing as getting paid to process¬†emails, sending a dollar to someone’s Paypal account and then making $150 a day after that. Face it folks you might as well buy a lottery ticket with that dollar.

Trust me I’ve been there. Learn from my mistakes and don’t waste years that you can’t get back chasing something that isn’t there. There are real business opportunities out there that allow you to work from home and earn very good money if you understand that you are going to have to invest in yourself in the same way as brick and mortar entrepreneurs do.



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